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  • Can I donate a kidney or part of my liver?
    Yes, You can be a living donor for a kidney or part of your liver.
  • Can I get financial assistance for being a living kidney donor?
    ​Although you can not be paid for donating a kidney, there are programs that can help you with travel and hotel costs Resources: Living Donor Assistance Eligibility Guidelines Kidney.Org Financial Resources for Living Donors and Transplant Recipients Georgia Transplant Foundation Living Donor Assistance
  • What about my time off of work?
    Disability Coverage: Living donors are typically responsible for any time lost from work, unless their employer is able to provide paid leave or allow the donor to use short-term disability. Resources: State by State Federal and State Time Off Rules and Regulations
  • Will I be on any medications after donating my kidney?
    You will not need to be on any medications following the donation other than the pain meds. Usually, donors only need this for a week or two after the surgery.
  • Will I need to drink anymore or any less?
    No, you can drink the same amount as you did before.
  • Will this affect my ability to have children?
    No, it will not.
  • When will I be able to return to work?
    We generally suggest 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. This is something you can discuss with your surgeon at your follow up visit after surgery.
  • Do I qualify for a medical leave of absence from my job?
    Yes you do. You can contact your human resources department for details. Your paperwork can be filled out by your surgeon.
  • Who will cover the cost of my workup and surgery?
    The cost for this is covered 100% by the recipient’s insurance. Resources: University of Minnesota – Transplant, Solid Organ
    HELP REDUCE THE WAITING LIST BY DONATING A KIDNEY You reduce the need for the recipient to go on or stay on dialysis. Transplants from living donors are often more successful because of having a better match and it cuts down the amount of time the kidney is cut off from blood supply. Remember, your surgery is happening the same time as the donor’s surgery in the room right next door. Once the kidney is taken out, it goes right into the recipient. The Liver Regenerates - Living-Donor Liver Transplant Help Someone Get OFF THE LIST DONATE A PORTION OF YOUR LIVER, Living Donations Save Lives. The Liver Can Regrow. Living Donors Online!
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