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The Providers' Group, Inc

Increasing Organ Donor Registration Within the African American Community Through Advocacy, Education, Referrals, and Resources. Operating in Milwaukee, WI and Decatur, GA

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About Us


Top Non-Profit Organization for Organ Donor in Decatur

In 2010, The Providers Group, Inc launched the website to provide education, advocacy, referrals, and resources, as well as to raise awareness to increase the number of registered organ and tissue donors in the African American community.
Anisha Q. Addison August 31, 1981 to September 29, 2018
Anisha was just 26 ...


Our Mission

We provide education, awareness, referrals, and resources to increase registered organ and tissue donors. To reduce transplant wait times and increase the number of African Americans who receive a lifesaving organ.​

Our Vision

• To increase the number of registered organ and tissue donors through donor registration.

• To dispel fear and beliefs that stand in the way of becoming registered organ donors through education.

• To provide information about racial disparities in organ and tissue donations among African Americans through ...


Organ Donation and Transplantation: How Does it Work?

Facts and Resources

Organ Donation Facts

That African Americans have traditionally been reluctant to donate their organs (Minniefield, Yang, & Muti, 2001). That …
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Advocating for organ donation

Increasing awareness

Fostering equal opportunities

African American community organ and tissue donation

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